Take advantage of multi-region hosting solutions that leverage all cloud or hybrid-cloud architecture. Hosting services or IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) can be used for development or highly available and resillient production environments. Hosting or IaaS allows Cloud Synergy customers to have dedicated or virtual services that are fortified, secured and always available. Different procurement methods (reserved, spot and on-demand) can also “scale down” resources when employees or businesses don’t need compute 24/7 to meet your budget requirements.

aws certified

Hosting services can include websites, databases, email or any other on-premise services or applications your business relies on. Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) is an ideal way to offset resources to cloud providers like AWS, Azure, Google or other SOC II certified data-centers throughout the world while scaling capacity as needed for growth and cost reductions. The ability to procure on-demand cloud resources is both cost effective and efficient; reduce upfront capital costs by implementing your server infrastructure (web, databases & applications) on a paid subscription model.