Hosting Options

Dedicated Private Hosting

Shared Website Hosting

AWS Elastic Beanstalk

Multi-region Hosting Solutions

Websites, Databases, Virtual Desktops, IaaS.


Hosting Options

Infrastructure as a Service

Hosting services or IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) can be used for development or highly available and resillient production environments.


Hosting Options

Hosting services can include websites, databases, email or any other on-premise services or applications your business relies on. Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) is an ideal way to offset resources to cloud providers like AWS, Azure, Google or other SOC II certified data-centers throughout the world while scaling capacity as needed for growth and cost reductions.

On-Demand Control

The ability to procure on-demand cloud resources is both cost effective & efficient; reduce upfront capital costs by implementing your server infrastructure (web, databases & applications) on a paid and predictable subscription model. IaaS is an ideal way to:

-Predict Costs
-Elastic scale on demand +/-

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"True pro and very responsive. Always ready to help at a moment's notice."

Dan M

"Cloud Synergy is responsive and proactive. They are very well versed in the healthcare vertical and I would highly recommend them for technology solutions."

Dr. Nye

"I used Cloud Synergy as they were referred through a mutual acquaintance. I was extremely pleased with how quickly my IT issue was resolved. I would recommend Cloud Synergy for all IT needs."


"From the consultation to now, cloud synergy has been on top of the job from building my website to the backside work to make sure my brand and website were top notch. They provided knowledge and training on how to navigate and work my site as well, I would recommend this company to everyone. You won’t have regrets about it."

Nurse Manager

"Have been working with for 15 plus years. Always taken care of our IT needs and everyone I have recommended them to is happy with the service."

Tom Clausi
CEO / Opticom

"Recommended to me from a business acquaintance,  gave excellent service and expertise from the first phone call. I would recommend Cloud Synergy to anyone!"

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