Compliance as a Service


Compliance as a Service

CaaS or Compliance as a Service audits and connects data breach risk to business results. Cloud Synergy scans your network in real time for three kinds of threats—sensitive data, vulnerabilities, and inappropriate access permissions—and puts a financial value on the amount of liability you’re carrying in your systems. By putting risk in financial terms, you put the facts in the hands of the decision makers, building a compelling case for the budget required to employ effective IT solutions.

Data-Driven Insights to Continuously Strengthen Security

Cloud Synergy business intelligence constantly scans your networks and endpoints for irregularities so you can prevent problems well before they happen.

Machine Learning

By using machine learning and big data analytics to analyze billions of data points across hundreds of thousands of networks, business intelligence gives you data-backed insights that you can immediately apply to all systems under your management.

Execute a Comprehensive Layered Security Strategy

The best defense is to prevent breaches altogether. Cloud Synergy helps you do this with Advanced Threat Detection, Content Filtering, and Network Exploit Detection


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