Managed IT Services

Fortified Solutions

Proactive vulnerability remediation with security at forefront of design.

Managed Security

Cloud or on-premise: Security and threat monitoring.

Managed Web Hosting/SEO

Fortified Web Hosting with proven reliability and SEO results.

Managed IT

Cloud, Hybrid, SaaS, IaaS, and Office Endpoints

Innovative Technical Solutions. Managed Peace of Mind.

Managed Services

Managed services monitors endpoints 24/7 and patches endpoints as needed. It includes advanced threat control to ensure your devices are safe from malicious content.


What We Offer

Managed Services

Managed Services provides layers of both software, human engineers and business intelligence to provide businesses with high-availability

Business Continuity & Backup

Disaster Recovery Planning
Managed Backup  Services
Managed Business Continuity

Manged Hosting Solutions

Take advantage of multi-region hosting solutions that leverage cloud or hybrid-cloud architecture

Our Philosophy

The Cloud Synergy Approach

We understand each organization has unique IT requirements and processes that require efficiency while also remaining within budget. Each technical solution we craft is thoughtful and has an awareness into how your employees expect their systems to operate; details are important to your employees, and they’re important to us.

We put forth our most innovative solutions for all clients and strive to remain at the forefront of technology as it evolves. We believe that innovation can change businesses for the better.




Security in every solution

At Cloud Synergy, we know that we can innovate within your budget requirements. With us by your side, decision leaders can rest easy, knowing that employees will also be happier and more productive. We also understand that innovation is meaningless without maintaining business as usual; high availability has a prerequisite for security, and both are ubiquitous in all our solutions.

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